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Liberty Park
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This was inspired by a similar image I saw done by another artist. His was done with simple geometric shapes in the pattern of his own country's flag. I, however, wanted to do something a little more natural. I often try to create images of things and places I'd like to see in real life. An orchard like this definitely follows in that theme.

I actually never had a whole lot of interest in politics or my country until recently. I was disillusioned by the apparent lack of representation available. Then I ran across this little political quiz online and found out that apparently I'm a Libertarian...I'd never even really heard of them before. Since I've found that there are like minded people, who value responsibility, logic, and freedom above ridiculous rules for everything and frivolous lawsuits galore, I've developed a much keener interest in politics in general. Perhaps this image was my creative side's way of putting some of that newfound energy and enthusiasm to work.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this image as much as I enjoyed putting it together. It's the first image I followed completely through, refusing to call it 'done' until I was happy with every little detail. I guess because I finally reached a point where I have the skill to pull off exactly what I want...or maybe because I just finally believe in myself. I personally think it's one of my best.

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By Comments
Kris (Digital Repose) @
10/20/2005 5:36 PM
Very nice Nicholas! A truly creative idea that turned out nicely.
lizhqi @
11/2/2005 6:18 AM
meisam @
4/17/2006 4:47 PM
i love you
Kwame @
3/23/2008 11:52 PM
i love your Orion Sky wallpaper, and I hope you do design more like it in the future. Thanxs
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