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About the software...
         All of my images are done using Bryce, 5.0 until 2008 and then starting with 6.1. After 2009 I switched to E-on's Vue. Most of my humans and animals come from Poser. Of course, no image is ever left untouched by Adobe Photoshop.

"How do I set an image as a wallpaper?"
         That's very easy. First, simply find the image that you want to set as your wallpaper in my galleries and then click on the thumbnail image to bring up the full size image. Now, above the full size image you see a bar with various resolutions on it (ie. 800x600, 1024x768, etc). Click on the resolution that you are using for your screen. If you are unsure, don't click on any of them, just follow the rest of these instructions using the image that you see right now.

         Now that you have the image you want to use, move your mouse curser over the image and click your right mouse button. In the menu that pops up, click on "set as wallpaper..." and you're done. Enjoy!

         If the image appears stretched on your screen, or doesn't cover the whole desktop, then you need a higher resolution version. Go back to the image and click on 1024x768 this time and try that. If it still doesn't work keep trying higher resolutions until you find one that fits.

"Can I use your images for blah blah blah..."
         All of my images are subject to international intellectual copyright law. I grant visitors to this site the right to download my images for use as desktop backgrounds. If you wish to distribute my images or use them in any way commercially, please contact me about leasing non-exclusive rights to an image.

         Of course, that sounds extremely expensive, but it need not be. Whatever your desired use for an image might be, I'm sure we can work out some kind of agreement, whether you want to use something as a CD cover, a banner ad, a site theme, or whatever.

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