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I don't like how the textures came out on the lady of the lake exactly; I was hoping to match the lake surface better. But overall I'm happy with this one. I needed a way to make the sword look 'out-of-the-ordinary', so I added the flames. What do you think?

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By Comments
carla @
1/10/2004 5:50 PM
I do like the colours ..but the're a bit harsh(?) on the lady. Maybe there should 've been a bit more irregularity in the structures surrounding her??That could make the texture of her skin come to live a bit more ...at least that's what I I think...Anyhow ...I can only compliment you with your productions...Wish you lots off succes with it....(hope you get the meaning off my comments /I'm a bit out of practice at english conversation.....)
cliffj @
2/22/2005 10:42 AM
i think your work is awesome but more contrast is needed from the girl and the water but all of that aside keep working it is great you have skills
Cyove @
10/28/2005 11:49 PM
Stumbled upon your work through a search engine. Very nice, as I'm sure you are aware. Yes, Lady does look a bit "plastic", but flames rule! So yeah, the flames added a nice touch. ^_~
Christina @
4/22/2007 4:17 AM
great work very mystic but i think maybe if u added a little bit of a haze over the water, a little more grey and ripple effect to the woman or maybe match her hair color to the water and bring it flowing into the water u would have an awsome picture. And maybe add a mysic glow around the excaliber, wow, but the pic is great the way it is too. Honestly!
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